Our members grow mote than 1050ha of potatoes annually.
Did you know, potatoes have less calories than most white starches???


Interesting Fact:

A single medium-sized potato contains about half the daily adult requirement of vitamin C.  Potato is very low in fat, with just 5 percent of the fat content of wheat, and one-fourth the calories of bread. Boiled, it has more protein than maize, and nearly twice the calcium.

World consumption:

Industrialized Countries = 74 kg / capita
Developing Countries = 14 kg / capita
SA = 26kg / capita

Despite its name, the sweet potato is not related to the potato. Potatoes are members of the Solanaceae family, which also includes tomatoes, red peppers and eggplant. Sweet potato belong to the morning-glory family(Convolvulaceae) Unlike the potato-which is a tuber. or thickend stem-the sweet potato is a storage root.

Amazing uses:

As an anti aging agent
• Wash your face daily with potato juice (raw potato can be ground with water) which prevents wrinkles on the face and make your face glow.

Medicine for skin burn
• Take a raw sliced potato and make it as a paste by mixing water. Apply the paste on minor skin burns to relieve pain.

Medicine for headache
• Take a half sliced raw potato, and rub it on your temples to get relief from headache.

As a shoe polish
• Rub a raw potato on your old, dirty shoes before polishing them. They should come out nice and shiny.

Act as a sleeping pill
• Potato prevents the action of acids in our stomach that disturb our sleep. Take a boiled and mashed potato with milk before sleeping to have a peaceful sleep.



The Potato Work Group serves as a platform through which relevant information regarding technical aspects and the role players in the potato industry is made available to all KORKOM members. Our aim is to secure sustainable commercial potato production in our region.

This service includes the following:

• Cultivar evaluation programme.
• Close collaboration with Potatoes SA Research activities.
• Communicating the results of potato trails on a national level.
• Development of sustainable farming practices.
• Evaluating and comparing production costs.
• Cultural practices applied to improve crop production and protection.
• Crop rotation.
• Monitoring of aphid populations as part of an integrated approach in the sustainable production of high quality SEED POTATOES from the Ceres region.
• Mechanical planting and harvesting.
• Alliance with Stellenbosch Disease Clinic
• Fulfilling our social commitment and responsibility by involvement in community projects. (Farmworker Soccer Tournament, Training …)
• Empowering the producer and consumer with knowledge about cultivar specific characteristics.


Cultivar evaluation programme which includes the following:
• A region specific, semi-commercial evaluation of potato cultivars.
• Farm Donkerbos in the Koue Bokkeveld..
• Regional monitoring of aphid populations.



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